Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy "Freedom-Enjoyment-Adaptability"
Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy"Freedom-Enjoyment-Adaptability"    

Online Assessment and Therapy Session

When you are ready, please select an appropriate session (Option 1: Assessment Session)  or     (Option 2: Therapy/Counselling). Please click on the relevant "Credit/Debit Card button" as indicated below to make the payment. Upon receipt of your payment, you will be contacted by the therapist within 24 hours on your mobile to arrange a mutually convenient day and time for the online session and a secured link  will be provided to access the online session. 

Online Session Options 

Two options of online session are now available 

Option 1

Online 45 minutes initial assessment session : £45.00

Option 2

Online 45 minutes therapy(counselling):£50.00

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