Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy "Freedom-Enjoyment-Adaptability"
Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy"Freedom-Enjoyment-Adaptability"    

Online Assessment and Therapy Session

When you are ready, please select an appropriate session (Option 1: Assessment Session)  or     (Option 2: Therapy/Counselling). Please click on the relevant "Credit/Debit Card button" as indicated below to make the payment. Upon receipt of your payment, you will be contacted by the therapist within 24 hours on your mobile to arrange a mutually convenient day and time for the online session and a password will be provided to access the online session. FaceTime is the preferred communication platform for the online session, as it provides a higher level of confidentiality and security. FaceTime is only available for Apple computers and Iphone users. Although Skype can be used an alternative method, it would mean less secure means of communication which is not recommended. 

Online Session Options 

Two options of online session are now available 

Option 1

Online 45 minutes initial assessment session : £45.00

Option 2

Online 45 minutes therapy(counselling):£50.00

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